Today I Wanna Be……

In life I try not to be too influenced by the mortals around me. I mean – I’m obviously a product of my surroundings…I am human after all (contrary to popular belief). But I always attempt to be intrinsically me without worrying too much about the way others see me. I like being liked (love it in fact), but if you don’t take to me then that’s totally fine. Your loss.

I am, however, ridiculously and extremely influenced by film. Super humans, ballet dancers, excellent drummers or  anyone who is portrayed as being outstandingly super at something… in short – I want to be them. There’s rarely a film that leaves me feeling uninspired. I get this buzz inside me which is part excitement of the promise of what could be, and part disappointment with myself, my ordinary life and lack of superness. Thomas will always look at me knowingly after we’ve watched a film together, ‘Let me guess – now you want to be a photographer?’ No babe. I want to be the photographer.

It can be a bit confusing to be me at times. Perhaps it’s because I believe I have so much to give that I really can be anything I want to be. Not in an arrogant way – I think everyone can be whatever they want if they want it badly enough*. But I personally just don’t know what to do with all this potential power. I’m sure focus is key. To choose one thing and take it all the way. Squeeze every last drop out of it until my hands bleed. But what about all the other dormant powers which are lying under my skin patiently, awaiting a catalyst to set them into motion? What if I choose poorly? All options must be explored.

For now I guess I’ll just continue to awake the powers, one by one, until I find the one. But today, anyway, I want to be a shoe designer.


*Wanting it of course involves a whole lot more than simply dreaming about it idly.


Films / series / exhibitions that have recently inspired me

Valentino – The Last Emporer

Mario Testino – No Limits (exhibition)


Big Hero 6

The City of God

Girls Season 5

Diana Vreeland – The Eye Has To Travel

Advanced Style

Black Swan

The Danish Girl


Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s

Bill Cunningham – New York

Pans Labyrinth

The Martian


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