Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

‘The higher the heel the better you feel’ – Charlotte Olympia

I’m a sucker for a pair of high heeled shoes. You see – the thing about heels is that they actually legitimise lazy dressing. Feeling like a slob today? Don’t fret. Because once you throw on those great heels with your scrappy corduroy boy-pants and oversized artist shirt, you’ll immediately elevate your mood, let alone your look. When I get dressed, I always start with my feet first. How the hell am I supposed to know what bottoms I want to wear if I haven’t picked out my socks? And then it goes a little something like this: fun socks – check. Chunky sandals… hmmm. Blue or black? Pink or white? Ok sorted – let’s go for the silver ones.  I’m in a rush and literally have nothing to wear, (check out my nohing-to-wear post here) so I revert to my fail-safe formula. Black skinnies and a long white shirt. ‘Voila!’ I’m good to go. My shoes do the talking and my feet do the walking. (Or running, ’cause I’m already running late – crap!)

Head high and heels higher – I’m ready to take on the world.



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