Black Is The Old Black

Around a year ago, like a pink buoy bobbing around in a sea of black and grey, I sat in a trend forecast presentation amongst a group of Danish fashion designers. In a very matter of fact way, we were told “black will die.” Bewildered and unconvinced, we exchanged disbelieving glances with one another. With one eyebrow raised I thought to myself ‘bullshit – this is Scandinavia!’ Now I’ve always been a fan of colour, but the idea of my colleagues letting go of their archetypal Dansk aesthetic and and strutting into work in anything other than all-black-all-the-time was a thought so unfathomable that even my wild imagination had a hard time stretching that far.

But low and behold, like tiny dull pebbles being shaken through a magic sieve, one by one – shiny gems began falling through the grate. It started subtly: a blue jean here, a white shirt there. But after a year of gradual and organic transformation, optimism has taken the lead, colour is emerging and fashion is becoming joyous again! The black skinnies have well and truly taken a back seat (mine are no longer even reserved for housework) and I’ve even witnessed the most unexpected culprits enjoying wearing fluffy light blue textures. I wouldn’t go as far as to claim that black is dead. I’m just saying that it’s old. That sieve is still full of potential diamonds, however, slowly but surely it’s now clear to see that everyone will eventually make it to the bright side. And what a glorious day that will be……


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